Monday, March 11, 2013

Christian Poster Children

This quote is for those of us who have to at least "show" that we're all put together and presentable. You know how it is. You've built a reputation with people and no sign of weakness is acceptable or the whole facade comes down like an overturned pottery cabinet. Maybe it's not a part of your job description like it seems to be for pastors, but you relish the company you keep by appearing "spiritual." You get satisfaction or find your identity in being a Christian Poster Child. I think this quote is for all of us in some small way:
You are most loving, patient, kind and gracious when you are aware that there is no truth that you could give to another that you don't desperately need yourself. You are most humble and gentle when you think that the person you are ministering to is more like you than unlike you. (p.23)
 If this is true (and I think it is) then the attitude I need to take with me when I open my Bible is one of introspection--one that says, "I need this most."

Have you ever thought you remembered the Bible saying something or other about that thing that really irks you in someone else? Have you ever picked it up only to search for that verse that could wither your opponent in an argument? Yeah, me too. We need to stop. We need to remember that aside for God's grace no human depravity is outside of our reach.

Imagine how the church would change if we integrated this philosophy into...

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